Barrhaven Instagram Influencer Marketing

Barrhaven Instagram Influencer Marketing

The Barrhaven Blog is happy to announce a new affordable marketing product for local businesses.

The Barrhaven Blog is now offering sponsored posts on our popular community Instagram feed.

With over 5,400+ local followers, our goal is to help local businesses connect with consumers who live, shop and play in Barrhaven.

Affordable and targeted Barrhaven community advertising

Our goal is to offer laser-targeted, community advertising at an affordable price point.

This is why we are offering our sponsored posts at rates starting as low as $4.99 per post.

Quantities are limited – therefore, first come, first serve!

New Product! Instagram Stories!

Barrhaven Influencer Advertising Marketing - instagram story

This product is perfect for local businesses looking to reach local consumers on their smartphones and mobile devices without breaking the bank.

Everybody loves Instagram Stories – it’s a quick way to stay on top of what’s trending in the community and catching up with your friend’s latest adventures.

Let us help you be part of those conversations with an affordable 24 hour story post that will be shared with our thousands of Barrhaven followers.

Our story posts are sold in blocks of four, and must be used at least one week apart. When instructed, we will share a post of your choosing with our loyal following. That works out to an affordable $2.50 per share. No other local advertising product offers this level of consumer reach at such an affordable price point.

Single Image Post

Barrhaven Advertising and Marketing Local Instagram Influencer

Our most affordable option is a single photo post that will remain on our feed permanently.

An amazing photo, when combined with a great post description, is a great way to increase your brand awareness in the Barrhaven community.

It’s also a great way to direct local Instagram users to you own Instagram account and grow your Barrhaven follower count.

Multi-Image Post

Barrhaven Instagram Influencer marketing and advertising

Multi-image Instagram posts are perfect for showcasing a variety of products.

They are perfect for Before/After advertisements, as well as showing off multiple menu items. They can even be used for visual story telling. The possibilities are truly endless.

We’ll share up to 10 photos, along with your post description, for only $7.99.

Best of all, your post is permanent, which means it will continue to generate new business leads over the long term.

Video Post

Barrhaven Instagram Advertising and Marketing - Video Post

Remember how expensive it used to be to buy non-targeted airtime on TV stations to broadcast commercials?

Fast-forward to 2021, and now you can share a full minute video commercial to an uber-targeted Barrhaven audience for only $9.99.

Like all of our advertising products, your commercial will remain on our feed permanently so you can keep enjoying its benefits over the long term.

Contests and Giveaways

Barrhaven Advertising - managed Instagram giveaways

Local community Instagram giveaways are a great way to not only promote your products, but also grow your own Instagram following. But they can be time consuming.

Let us help you both manage and promote your next Instagram giveaway. Not only will we promote your giveaway with a local, targeted Barrhaven audience, we’ll also keep track of the comments,  select winners by random draw, and assist with distribution of prizes.

This complete turnkey contest management is available for a one-time low fee of $29.99.

Please note that contest and giveaway post, due to their nature, have expiry dates and are not permanent.

Post guidelines for permanent posts

Note: these guidelines apply to regular, permanent posts – not story post.

We’ve worked hard over the last year to build a local, loyal following on the Barrhaven Blog Instagram feed. Our main focus is to bring quality, local content that celebrates all the positive aspects of the Barrhaven community.

For this reason, we will only accept a limited number of sponsored posts on our feed. The initial ratio will be one sponsored post for every five regular post.

Furthermore, we are going to be very selective in terms of the quality of sponsored post. Instagram is a very visual advertising platform, and it’s for this reason that we are implementing the following sponsored post guidelines. We expect these guidelines to evolve over time, but for the time being, here are the initial rules:

  1. your sponsored post must include your company branding/logo
  2. your sponsored post must include high quality visuals
  3. your sponsored post must feature a clear offer
  4. your sponsored post must provide value to our followers
    • A new product introduction
    • A sale on an existing product
    • A grand opening
    • A new menu item at a restaurant
    • A special event or open house

If your product fails to meet this criteria, feel free to write us to discuss your needs. We are always open to suggestions, but our main criteria is that the post bring value to our readers.

For video posts, your content must feature clear audio with little or no echo. We encourage you to make use of lapel lavalier microphones for optimal audio results.

For reference, here is an example of the type of post we are looking for:

Barrhaven Blog Instagram Marketing Requirements

In terms of imagery, we are going to be very selective. This is because we want to maintain a minimum level of quality on our feed in an effort to keep growing our user base. It is also in the best interest of advertisers to put forward their best imagery for optimal marketing results.

Your post description text is also very important. Make sure it clearly spells out the value proposition of your offering. And don’t forget to include your Instagram account name in the description. After all, one of the goals is to send new users to your Instagram account and help grow your social media following!

For reference, you can refer to the following example. If in doubt, send us your creative and we’ll let you know if it meets our quality standards.

Barrhaven Blog Instagram Marketing Requirements

To order a post, send us an email with your square (1000 X 1000) post and its description text to:

Alternatively, you may use the contact form at the bottom of this page to initiate communication with us.

We’ll promptly evaluate your post and reply with its approval status. If approved, we’ll also send you a link for easy online payment processing.

Please note that your post must be square (as opposed to rectangular) and a minimum of 1000 pixels in width.

Graphic design services

If you wish to outsource your post creation, we can help! Simply send us your post photo, desired text and logo – we’ll then put together a beautiful post for your consideration.

This service is available for an additional $4.99 per post.


Should you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at the following email address. We’re always happy to help.