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Let us help you promote your products and services to consumers who live and shop in Barrhaven.

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The Barrhaven Blog is all about sharing positive stories about life in our wonderful community.

We celebrate people, events and local achievements.

We also like to inform the community of new products and services.

We're a growing community of 80,000+ residents that features over 500 local businesses.

Let us help your business connect with people who live, work and play in Barrhaven.

Our commitment is to offer local small businesses affordable marketing solutions that deliver results over the long term.

Sounds interesting? Feel free to reach out to us using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

We look forward to working with you.

The Barrhaven Blog.

The Benefits of Guest Posting on the Barrhaven Blog

  • It's permanent advertising

    Unlike traditional marketing products, a guest post on the Barrhaven Blog doesn't have an expiry date or any form of re-occurring fees.

    The post is permanent and will keep generating new business leads over the long term.

  • It gets you listed on the Barrhaven Business Directory

    The Barrhaven Business Directory - has referred thousands of local consumers to local service providers. And it continues to do so, day after day.

    Every guest post on The Barrhaven Blog includes a free one-year entry on

  • Affordable and targetted local advertising that delivers results over the long run

    Why pay more for short-lived advertising campaigns with re-occurring fees and poor audience targetting?

    We help ensure that your marketing dollars are focused on people who live and shop in Barrhaven.

    Our guest posts can be purchased for a one-time fee of $89. For an additional $39, we'll write the post for you.

  • It helps your business website rank higher in Google search results

    Is your competition out-ranking you in Google search results?

    Two of the strongest ranking signals considered by Google are local backlinks and citations. When you guest post on the Barrhaven Blog, you get two valuable backlinks for your website - one from and a second from

    These backlinks will also influence your Google My Business listing.

  • Brand awareness and mindshare

    When it comes to local retail, brand awareness matters!

    Every permanent guest post on the BarrhavenBlog includes a free, one-month 300X250 banner on the blog sidebar.

  • It's detail oriented advertising

    Can you really explain your value proposition in 15 seconds?

    Probably not.

    A guest post offers you a rich digital canvas upon which you can engage the reader with long-form writing, photos, and even video.

    It allows you to showcase your products and services in a comprehensive manner that pre-qualifies sales leads before they visit your online store or retail location.

  • It helps people find you on Google

    It's no secret that people use Google when searching for local goods and services. But is your store appearing in Google search results for a variety of keyword searches?

    Our blog posts have a strong track record of appearing in top positions for local search results - often on page 1, the gold standard for business leads.

    You can verify these results for yourself - simply go to and search for the following:

    • Barrhaven Kennel
    • Barrhaven Restaurant
    • Barrhaven Bakery
    • Barrhaven Tailor

    As you can see, our blog post figure prominently in local Google search results.

    Best of all, there are no re-occurring fees - these are free, long-term organic search results that deliver solid sales leads.

  • Local Social Media Reach

    When it comes to Barrhaven, our blog has reach!

    We connect with thousands of local users every month via our email newsletter and popular Facebook page. And that's over and above a large number of local consumers who are referred to us by local Google search results.

    We're digital. We're local. And we're growing every day!

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