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Let us help you promote your products and services to consumers who live and shop in Barrhaven.

Why choose Barrhaven Advertising?

We're Affordable

Our mission is to help local businesses grow by offering them affordable marketing and advertising solutions.

We're Local

Our advertising products are 100% focused on consumers who live, shop and play in Barrhaven.

We're Social

We reach consumers where they do most of their media consumption. Social networks, the internet and Google search results.

The Barrhaven Blog

The Barrhaven Blog is a living diary of life in South Nepean. We strive to share compelling and informative content that will appeal to residents of Barrhaven.

Whether it's a recommendation for a fun weekend getaway, a review of a new local restaurant or even details of an upcoming community event. The Barrhaven blog is a positive online space where great local stories are shared.

We want to invite local businesses and service providers to leverage the audience of the Barrhaven Blog and it's associated social media accounts to communicate their unique value proposition to consumers who live and shop in Barrhaven.

You may guest post on the blog, purchase a sidebar ad or even a social media shoutout. Regardless of which option you choose, we promise to get your message out to the Barrhaven community at very affordable rates.

Andre Lefrancois

Owner, The Barrhaven Blog

Our ServicesOur Services

Barrhaven Digital Marketing and Advertising Agency
$89 per post

Barrhaven Blog Guest Post

A permanent article about your products and services that will generate new business leads over the long term.

Barrhaven Blog Sidebar Banner Ads 2
$29 per month

Barrhaven Blog Sidebar Ad

Sidebar ads are perfect for raising your brand awareness in Barrhaven and driving traffic to your website.

Barrhaven Social Media Marketing
$9.99 per shout out

Facebook Community Share

Share news about new products, services or events with our thousands of Barrhaven Facebook followers.

Barrhaven Digital Graphic Design Services
$9.99 - $89.99

Graphic Design Services

Need an eye-catching banner or social media illustration? Let us create something memorable today!

Barrhaven Web Design Services
$129 - $399

Website Design and Hosting

We create and manage modern and responsive websites that render perfectly on both desktop and mobile devices.

Barrhaven Content Creation Services 2

Content Writing

Need content for your next blog post? We're here to help. Let us write an amazing story about your Barrhaven business.

The Benefits of advertising on our community Blog

  • Long Form Content Marketing

    Content marketing is vastly more effective than traditional banner ads. The Barrhaven Blog offers you a unique opportunity to share your expertise with the community and help build your reputation as a knowledge leader in your field.

    Long form guest posts can be used to offer advice, explain how your service works or even showcase pictures of your latest products.

    We offer you a rich digital canvas upon which you can showcase your products using text, pictures and, even video.

  • We're social

    We’ll work hard to get your content displayed where people do most of their reading and media consumption - social media and the Internet.

    Every guest post on the Barrhaven Blog gets instantly shared on both our Facebook and LinkedIn channels. 

    Your message will reach thousands of local consumers - and that’s before the social sharing even begins.

    The secret is to craft a blog post that offers useful information that people will want to share with family and friends.

  • Boost your local search ranking

    Looking to increase traffic from Google search results?

    Backlinks from local and authoritative websites will help your business website rank higher in Google search results.

    A guest post on the Barrhaven Blog always includes a permanent link back to your website.

    Guest posting on our blog will also get you a free one-year listing in the Barrhaven Business Directory, resulting in two SEO friendly local backlinks!

  • We're Affordable

    A guest post on The Barrhaven Blog can be purchased for a one-time fee of $89.

    This fee includes:

    • One permanent guest post on The Barrhaven Blog
    • Social sharing on our popular community Facebook Page
    • A one-year entry in the Barrhaven Business Directory
    • A one-month banner on the blog sidebar

    We never charge any re-occurring fees.

  • We care about the local community

    We're long-time Barrhaven residents who truly care about our community.

    It matters to us that Barrhaven residents have access to a wide variety of successful local service providers and retail stores.

    We want to help make the community aware of new businesses and smaller service providers who may not be able to afford the high costs of traditional advertising.

  • We're Hyper-Local!

    Looking to share your message and raise your brand awareness at the local level?

    Then advertising on the Barrhaven Blog is for you. 

    We're 100% focused on the South Nepean community.

    We offer you the opportunity to target your advertising dollars where they’ll have the most impact - local consumers!

  • Google loves our blog

    Let’s try a little experiment. Go to Google and search for “Barrhaven Restaurants”, “Barrhaven Bakery” or “Barrhaven Tailor”.

    Have a close look at the page 1 results. More often than not, you’ll find one of our blog posts in the top results.

    People often search Google for local service providers. When they find a blog post from a local company that offers sound advice, it helps build trust and increases your chances of acquiring new customers.

  • The Barrhaven Business Directory

    There are 500+ businesses in Barrhaven, so it might take a while for me to get them all listed!

    Purchasing a guest post on The Barrhaven Blog ensures that your business will get an immediate and free one-year listing on The Barrhaven Business Directory.

  • The Benefits of Permanent Advertising

    Traditional advertising is both expensive and temporary.

    We're different.

    We offer permanent advertising without re-occurring fees.

    Our blog posts are fully indexed by the Google search engine resulting in 100's of local referrals every day.

    Your guest post on the Barrhaven Blog will continue to generate new business leads over the long term.

    Say goodbye to high-cost, temporary advertising.

  • We can write your guest post

    Thinking of guest posting on our blog but aren't sure about how to go about it?

    No worries. For a modest fee, we'll meet with you, learn about your business and write a guest post for you.

    We've promoted dozens of local businesses and have the knowledge and experience required to help you craft an effective promotional blog post.

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